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Conflict Coaching

conflict coaching case study

Conflict Coaching Case Study

Conflict coaching helps people learn how to better manage conflicts in their life, so when conflict crops up they’re equipped to deal with it constructively rather than displaying negative impulsive reactions. Here we look at a recent case to show you how conflict coaching can help and how the one-to-one sessions progress to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes.

what is conflict coaching

What Is Conflict Coaching?

Sometimes referred to as ‘one party mediation’, conflict coaching is a completely confidential service that allows you space to reflect on events and plan an improved strategy on dealing with current and potential future disputes. Through one-on-one coaching, clients are able to reframe viewpoints and move away from unhealthy habits that often people are stuck in. It is not a therapy but it does focus on long-term solutions rather than providing a ‘quick fix’ to ongoing disputes. Find out more about the process and the benefits you will get from conflict coaching here.


Mediation: Its Power & Its Limits

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Mediation is a very powerful tool to resolve disputes and improve lives, but it cannot eradicate all of life’s problems. As mediators we go on many emotional rollercoasters as we go from case to case and we often need to think of our own training to help ourselves through challenging moments. Here we look at a range of cases to showcase the power of mediation whilst recognising that not everything can be ‘fixed.’ Sometimes though, things don’t need to be, people just need to be listened to. There’s a lot to takeaway from this one.

conflict coaching in practice

Conflict Coaching In Practice

Conflict coaching in practice. Here our Mediation Coordinator, Grace Coleman, shares what it’s like delivering conflict coaching services and the important benefits it has for all parties involved, including real-world examples. Have a read and understand this vital aspect of our mediation services in more detail.

How to Recognise and Fix Destructive Conflicts

Everyone experiences conflict in life, it’s unavoidable. Every person is unique and sees the world and all aspects of life differently. People therefore shouldn’t try and avoid conflict; they should learn how to deal with their conflicts constructively. How we look at how to recognise and fix destructive conflicts.

ADR Mediation Training Courses

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Four new training courses are now available from ADR Mediation. Have a look and see how we can help you take the next step forward in your career or help your team upskill to meet all your existing challenges.

conflict and mental health

Conflict and Mental Health

Conflict is inevitable. It’s unavoidable. No matter what you do, you will often find yourself in conflict in life. That’s because we all view the world through a particular lens, and every person’s offers a different viewpoint. We experience the world as individuals, not as a collective. This is how conflicts manifest.


New Training Courses From ADR Mediation

We have just launched two exciting new training courses, both taking place initially in June 2022. The first one is Conflict Coaching on Monday 20th June, followed by Mediation and Mental Health a week later on Monday 27th June.

How Society Re-Opening Could Cause Anxiety & Conflict

Whilst ‘freedom day’ on 19th July will have been the cause of celebration for many as the government lifted all legal coronavirus restrictions, it will have also been the cause of panic for some. It’s important that we recognise this and at ADR we’ve been on the front line and witnessed it first-hand.

vulnerable tenants

Additional Support for Vulnerable Tenants from ADR

Vulnerable tenants haven’t had access to the support they needed during the pandemic. Here we look at the extra support we’ve provided to help fill the gaps and how we’ve changed our service delivery over the last 18 months.