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We’re OCN Accredited Mediation Training Providers

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve received our OCN accreditation for our 5-day training courses. By receiving this accreditation, it means that when you complete one of our 5-day mediation training courses, you will be awarded the relevant certificate and OCN-accredited qualification. Thanks to our accreditation we have just released a new training course – Interpersonal Mediation Training – Level 3. Find out more about our new accreditation and the course here.

conflict coaching in practice

Conflict Coaching In Practice

Conflict coaching in practice. Here our Mediation Coordinator, Grace Coleman, shares what it’s like delivering conflict coaching services and the important benefits it has for all parties involved, including real-world examples. Have a read and understand this vital aspect of our mediation services in more detail.

How to Recognise and Fix Destructive Conflicts

Everyone experiences conflict in life, it’s unavoidable. Every person is unique and sees the world and all aspects of life differently. People therefore shouldn’t try and avoid conflict; they should learn how to deal with their conflicts constructively. How we look at how to recognise and fix destructive conflicts.

ADR Mediation Training Courses

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Four new training courses are now available from ADR Mediation. Have a look and see how we can help you take the next step forward in your career or help your team upskill to meet all your existing challenges.

ADR mediation jobs

What It’s Like to Work at ADR Mediation

Did you know we’re currently hiring? We need qualified mediators across the country and flexible working options are available. We thought it would be good to showcase for you what it’s like to work with us, so for this piece we’ve interviewed our very own Grace Coleman so she can share her insights from inside the ropes!

The Chaotic Coffee Shop Conversation & Me

Here we look at a real-life story from our CEO, Kim Logan about her uncomfortable experience whilst visiting a coffee shop recently and overhearing a conversation. We look at how mediation can help sales teams deliver and how leaders can communicate better to get the best out of individual employees. This one is well worth a read.


New Training Courses From ADR Mediation

We have just launched two exciting new training courses, both taking place initially in June 2022. The first one is Conflict Coaching on Monday 20th June, followed by Mediation and Mental Health a week later on Monday 27th June.

neighbour mediation

Neighbour Mediation: A Look at a Recent Case

Neighbour mediation cases can seem particularly challenging at the outset, but often a sustainable resolution isn’t too far away with the correct mediation processes in place. Here we look in detail at a recent case. We will show you how neighbour mediation works and how it can help you and your tenants overcome issues quickly and painlessly.

Grace Coleman

Welcome to the Team: Grace Coleman

We are delighted to welcome our newest recruit, Grace to the team at ADR Mediation. Grace joins us as mediation co-ordinator. She will be involved in mediations and help prepare cases with the team.

NWEEG Awards

Sponsoring the NWEEG Awards

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We recently sponsored the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) Awards which proved to be a great evening with some very worthy winners. We were proud to present the Magnetic Manager Award as sponsors. Find out more about the evening, NWEEG and our involvement here.

help employees back to office

How to Help Employees Feel Comfortable Going Back to the Office

How you can help employees feel comfortable going back to the office again. Here’s the individual scenarios you may come across and how you can handle them to help each individual employee and the business move forward. We also look at how workplace mediation can help in any situation, wherever you’re up to with asking employees to return to the office.

How Society Re-Opening Could Cause Anxiety & Conflict

Whilst ‘freedom day’ on 19th July will have been the cause of celebration for many as the government lifted all legal coronavirus restrictions, it will have also been the cause of panic for some. It’s important that we recognise this and at ADR we’ve been on the front line and witnessed it first-hand.

Mediation: A Reflection a Year into the Pandemic

It’s been a year since the first national lockdown and I’ve been reflecting on what’s been and thinking about what’s to come in the world of mediation. Find out all about the latest trends and the changes the industry has seen here. We’re also currently offering free 1-hour consultations so please contact us to book yours in!

budget 2021 housing

Budget 2021 & Housing Associations: The Impact

Budget 2021 & Housing Associations: The Impact. Here we will look at the Budget from the perspective of housing associations, the potential changes the announcement could lead to in the future, and how it will impact the entire housing industry in the short term.

lockdown tensions rise

Southway Housing: Tolerance Levels Are Being Tested Under Lockdown

Here we will share an article from our partners Southway Housing so you can get the benefit of their experience on the front line of dealing with tenant disputes and an understanding of how mediation has played a key role in supporting them combat a rising number of cases during lockdown.

ADR Mediation: What’s New?

It’s been a busy year. A tough one for us all personally, but at ADR Mediation there’s been a lot of positive change happening. In this article we’re going to look at what’s changed for us in 2020, how we’ve adapted to the changing situation, and what we’ve got in store for 2021.