Conflict Coaching & Support

Conflict coaching and support involves us working one-to-one with your tenants as third party mediators. As a housing association you can refer tenants to us so we can help them with ongoing conflicts to break the cycle and prevent situations escalating. This is a popular solution as it can save you a lot of time and money – benefits that only become more significant the more tenants we work with.

Conflict coaching and support empowers tenants to take responsibility for their conflicts and find a resolution, therefore they don’t have to involve you in future issues. As we’re an independent party, you can simply pass each case to us as you see fit. Having third party mediators involved also has a greater impact on the tenant as it shows your sincerity to help them.

Save time, save money, and keep a common stressor of your housing association at arm’s length.

Let’s look at the process that we will work through with your tenants to give you an idea of what they can expect.

Our conflict coaches will:

  • Explore any past conflicts
  • Work through strategies to manage current conflicts
  • Prepare all parties for any difficult conversations
  • Look at past reactions to conflict to identify options for future conflict management
  • Mediate between parties if needed
  • Use pre, during, and post mediation techniques as required


Throughout the process we will provide constructive input and be non-judgemental in our approach.

We will regularly check in to keep track of progress although our role is not to make decisions or to provide advice, but to create an environment where all parties can learn, and everyone can make progress towards the desired outcome(s).

Everything we do is entirely confidential, with dedicated one-to-one support. We take this approach as conflict coaching is real learning and is particularly powerful when individuals can be open, honest and commit to it fully. Not only does this help resolve the short term problems, it instils new behaviours, skills, and knowledge to benefit all parties and your housing association over the long term.

Do you have a tenant with an ongoing conflict that you want us to help straight away? Contact us today.

You may also have tenants who regularly end up in conflict who would benefit from some conflict coaching and support now to prevent issues in the future. Again, contact us as soon as you can to talk through each situation with our team.