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How Can Mediation & Conflict Coaching Tackle Low-Level Neighbour Disputes? The Debrief

It’s been a month since our latest webinar, “How Can Mediation & Conflict Coaching Tackle Low-Level Neighbour Disputes?” and we’re still feeling the love with some of the feedback we’re getting.

The big takeaway for many was that it helped them understand why they should consider mediation much earlier, rather than seeing it as a last resort.

It’s also clear just how much our conflict coaching service will benefit our partners.

We have had a lot of enquiries for this service and we’re enjoying delivering the training to more people since the webinar alongside our panellist, Marie Coombes – a conflict coaching specialist at We Restore Calm.

It’s not too late to benefit

If you know you need to review how you’re using mediation and you want to know more about conflict coaching, it’s not too late to benefit from the webinar.

We will provide an overview of what we discussed in this article and give you the opportunity to access the webinar recording if you think you will benefit from watching it back.

Already ready to give it a listen? Here’s the recording link. Just email me at for the passcode.

The content we covered

We had over 250 registrations for the webinar, 120 of which joined us on the day. A lot of those who were unable to attend sent their apologies and have since requested the recording, which is great. We also received a lot of enquiries quickly after the webinar which was pleasing because it showed the value we were able to provide.

Thank you to all who attended or have since made contact. A big thank you too to our fantastic panel:

What we covered:

  • A look at the different types of low-level neighbour disputes
  • The impact handling these disputes is having on housing associations
  • An introduction to conflict coaching
  • How mediation and conflict coaching can help prevent issues from escalating
  • Real-world examples of resolved cases

We then closed with a comprehensive Q&A thanks to the many questions people submitted prior to, and during the webinar. It really was a fun session so thank you for all your interactions!

Low-level neighbour disputes: the problem

We’ve seen first-hand that less serious issues are taking up a disproportionate amount of housing associations’ time. Time that staff could spend on more pressing matters.

It can also be more difficult to resolve petty problems with your usual dispute resolution methods which compounds the issue.

This is something that we are now paying close attention to, hence the reason we arranged the webinar. Mediation and conflict coaching can often quickly and easily resolve low-level disputes, so we wanted to showcase this at scale which the webinar helped us to achieve.

We’re here to help

If you think it’s time you reviewed how you’re using mediation, or if you want to find out more about conflict coaching, please let me know.

Since the webinar we’ve been offering free reviews so that we can advise you on how you could improve your current processes. Just get in touch to book yours!

Thank you again to everyone who attended and if you missed it or you want a recap, here’s the recording link again.

If you have any questions or want to make an enquiry, email me today – or call 01772 954602.

-Kim Logan, CEO

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