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The Role of Mediation in Tackling Cases of ASB: The Debrief

Last Tuesday we hosted our webinar, The Role of Mediation in Tackling Cases of ASB, and what a wonderful turnout we had. 250 participants!

Thank you to all of you who attended and to my co-host, Janine Green. Thanks also to Eden Bailey who joined us to share her experiences of mediation at GreenSquareAccord.

It was great to receive plenty of positive feedback so thank you to everyone who reached out to tell us how you found the event and what your key takeaways were. It’s always nice to hear positive feedback and to understand what matters most to you when it comes to events like this.

mediation and ASB

If you were unfortunately unable to make it, it’s not too late. Here’s a recording of the webinar!

What we covered

In the main sessions we covered:

  • A refresher covering what mediation is and its processes
  • An overview of how mediation can assist when officers don’t class a situation as ASB
  • The value of mediation in neighbourly disputes
  • How to use mediation to nip problems in the bud and the associated short term and long term benefits
  • How to overcome common objections when it comes to implementing mediation
  • A case study showing how to use mediation in practice
  • A discussion around everyday challenges and their solutions

Here’s a look at my slides to give you more of the detail.

mediation and ASB

Firstly, I looked at what mediation is and its purpose before talking more about its benefits.

Throughout my talk I spoke about the ever-increasing role mediation is playing in tackling cases of ASB, and indeed cases that aren’t officially ASB cases but are on the fringes and still need intervention.

mediation and ASB

Next up, I discussed some common objections that our partners face when trying to implement mediation. Then I shared my top tips on how to overcome these.

mediation and ASB

I then moved on to talk about the rise in demand that we’ve seen for our one-to-one service at the moment that’s been a big help to housing providers – Conflict Coaching.

mediation and ASB

Will this content help me?

If you recognise any of these case management challenges I think you will take a lot of value from listening back to the webinar:

  • Are you or your officers spending a disproportionate amount of time on lower harm cases, meaning that you can’t support vulnerable/high-risk victims as quickly or effectively as you would like?
  • Do you have lots of cases that are not progressing, have been open a long time, or are caught in a cycle of being repeatedly opened and then closed without real resolution?
  • Have you experienced cases where there are lots of complaints and counter complaints, and it’s difficult to understand who is at fault and the best course of action?
  • Do you receive lots of service complaints relating to particular cases?

Mediation is playing an ever-increasing role in tackling ASB, and with good reason, as myself and Janine discuss in the session.

Here’s that link again to the recording of the webinar so that you can better understand the benefits of mediation, why now is an important time to deploy it effectively, and how you can get the most out of mediation.

Don’t miss out, hear me talk through these slides in more detail and listen to the great talks from Janine and Eden. Many attendees also commented that the closing Q&A was very insightful so be sure to listen until the end.

How we can help

In the webinar I also mention that we’re currently offering free 1-hour mediation consultations to help you find out more about our mediation services and specifically, how we can help you and your organisation based on your unique circumstances.

Please contact the team today on 01772 954602 or email me directly at to book your slot.

I hope you enjoy the webinar recording and thanks again to everyone who joined us on Tuesday and made the event such a success!

-Kim Logan, CEO

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