Interpersonal Mediation Training

Train with us to become an OCN accredited mediator. Our 5/6 day training will qualify you to resolve interpersonal conflicts between neighbours or in the workplace.

Mediation Refresher

(1 day)
This course is ideal for those already trained in workplace or neighbour mediation, either by ADR Mediation & Training CIC or another provider. You will be reminded of the key skills of a mediator and the structure of a mediation

Conflict Coaching

(1 day)
Learn the skills to support individuals on a one-to-one basis so that they can resolve conflicts constructively, be it in their workplace, community or family

Conflict Resolution Training

(2/3 days)
This course will draw on key skills used by mediators, as well as core principles applied to a framework that will allow a structured approach to conflict resolution.

Preparing for Challenging Conversations

(1 day)
This course will provide you with tools and techniques to nip issues in the bud and manage difficult conversations constructively. You will build your confidence to effectively address difficult issues and maintain positive relationships.

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