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What It’s Like to Work at ADR Mediation

ADR mediation jobs

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We thought it would be good to showcase for you what it’s like to work with us, so for this piece, we’ve interviewed our trainers so we can share insights from inside the ropes.

This will also be beneficial for anyone currently working towards their mediation qualifications and those thinking about a career in mediation.

Discover our insights: Here’s what we have to share

Q1) Why did you train to be a mediator?

As law students, we are taught about the importance of mediation across many aspects of the legal sector. It is a vital component of conflict resolution, as it empowers the parties to lead the decisions that affect our own lives and resolve disputes outside of the courtroom.

Q2) What made you apply to ADR Mediation to be a mediator?

During the mediation training, we found ourselves drawn to the “human” side of conflict resolution and enjoyed working towards solutions that positively impacted people’s lives. Discovering the existence of ADR Mediation work within communities solidified their desire to pursue this path, as it offered an opportunity to both expand our skill set and thrive in a suitable environment.

We found the information expressed in ADR blogs insightful and appreciated the organization’s approach.

Q3) What’s good about working with ADR?

Since joining ADR on day one, we have received exceptional support from Kim, who trusts us to work autonomously based on our preferred methods. The team invests in their professional development by providing opportunities to attend events and training sessions, fostering the acquisition of new skills and connections.

Despite primarily working from home, we don’t experience isolation thanks to the approachable and chatty team who regularly organize catch-ups and co-mediations. This fosters frequent interaction with colleagues.

We enjoy full autonomy over our cases and appreciate the trust placed in them by making our own decisions. This empowerment further motivates us in our work.

Q4) What are the good points of mediating between neighbours?

Two neighbor disputes are never the same, making for truly interesting work. It has also been rewarding to resolve disputes that have been affecting people’s everyday lives. The work of a community mediator means far more than clauses in an agreement, so it is uplifting to know we are able to have a positive impact upon multiple people, simply by doing our job. 

Q5) What can be the bad points?

Community mediations can lead to heightened emotions and sometimes it can feel like you are not getting anywhere with certain individuals. Through patience and determination, however, we can deliver successful outcomes.

Q6) What do you feel has been your most successful mediation and why?

During one particular mediation, one party became frustrated and stood up to leave.

Through calm communication we were able to get this individual to remain and we did eventually reach an agreement.

It was not the content of the agreement that we hold to be particularly successful. It was the shift in the relationship between the two parties. The mediation had begun with shouting and aggression but by the end of the session the parties had become friendly and one had even offered to give the other a lift home.

They hadn’t immediately become best friends, and realistically that would never happen, but I certainly saw the beginning of acceptance and the foundations of a far more amicable relationship.

Q7) What would you say to anyone thinking of applying for a position with ADR Mediation?

Go for it!

ADR Mediation is a fantastic company to work for and we have been able to develop exponentially as a professional since working in the role. We could say, it is rather different than commercial mediation and can require some improvisation, but it is a rewarding job and we genuinely enjoy our work.

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