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Mental Health


Mediation: Its Power & Its Limits

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Mediation is a very powerful tool to resolve disputes and improve lives, but it cannot eradicate all of life’s problems. As mediators we go on many emotional rollercoasters as we go from case to case and we often need to think of our own training to help ourselves through challenging moments. Here we look at a range of cases to showcase the power of mediation whilst recognising that not everything can be ‘fixed.’ Sometimes though, things don’t need to be, people just need to be listened to. There’s a lot to takeaway from this one.

How to Recognise and Fix Destructive Conflicts

Everyone experiences conflict in life, it’s unavoidable. Every person is unique and sees the world and all aspects of life differently. People therefore shouldn’t try and avoid conflict; they should learn how to deal with their conflicts constructively. How we look at how to recognise and fix destructive conflicts.

conflict and mental health

Conflict and Mental Health

Conflict is inevitable. It’s unavoidable. No matter what you do, you will often find yourself in conflict in life. That’s because we all view the world through a particular lens, and every person’s offers a different viewpoint. We experience the world as individuals, not as a collective. This is how conflicts manifest.