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Welcome to ADR Mediation & Training CIC
Empowering Communities, Resolving Conflicts

We offer mediation services throughout the UK, facilitating conflict resolution for communities, neighbours, families, and businesses.

Mediation Services

We have over 20 years of experience providing mediation services and conflict management coaching. As a community interest company (CIC), we put people before profit. We’re dedicated to helping communities become safer and happier places to live.

Our mission is to empower individuals to handle their conflicts presently and in the future. Mediation’s strength lies in individuals determining their path to resolution, ensuring a more sustainable outcome. Our role as mediators is to facilitate and manage conversations, not to impose solutions on the involved parties. 

We assist housing associations in addressing tenant disputes and streamlining processes, train public sector organisations, including police departments, in effective mediation, and help companies resolve workplace conflicts.

Contact us to explore how we can assist you. 

Mediation Training Provider

We’re a mediation training provider accredited by OCN London to create and deliver courses that help people become accredited mediators. These qualifications are recognised and regulated by Ofqual.

We also have courses that provide an introduction to mediation if you’re just looking to understand more about mediation and use it more effectively in your organisation. In addition we have 1-day courses available that cover individual aspects of mediation, such as Conflict Coaching and Preparing for Challenging Conversations

The Mediation Process

Mediation is a structured process that involves an impartial third party providing a safe, positive environment to facilitate a discussion using specialised techniques to help the disputing parties find a resolution. For mediation to be a success, those involved need to be active participants in the mediation sessions and they need to want to find a resolution. It’s not the mediators role to suggest outcomes, it’s to guide the conversation and to facilitate a situation where the parties themselves can agree on a way forward.

The main benefits of mediation are:

  • It’s a people-centric approach to resolving complaints
  • It resolves issues at an early stage
  • Diffuses complaints and prevents escalations
  • Provides an opportunity to hear and understand the complaint from the individual’s point of view
  • Gain valuable insight to improve your operations and prevent similar complaints
  • All parties have a say in the outcome, making it sustainable

Mediation is a proven method of dispute resolution which can save you time, money and stress by avoiding the need for lengthy court proceedings and empowering individuals to find their own solutions.

Once we’ve received the referral or enquiry, we contact the individual parties to arrange an initial call or face-to-face visit to understand their position and how they would like to resolve the situation.

After that, in most cases, we invite the parties to attend a joint meeting at a neutral venue to start the mediation process. Every case is different so our approach is always flexible to meet the needs of the individuals involved and to make sure that we’re considerate of any sensitivities surrounding the case.

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