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Handling Tenant Complaints

When tenant complaints escalate it can be costly and damaging to the housing association. Our tenant complaint mediation service can help you resolve your outstanding disputes and having a third party in place to carry out the mediation process usually yields faster and more conclusive results.

We aim to provide the perfect setting for a constructive discussion that helps both parties reach a suitable outcome. Understanding each other’s concerns is key to this process, it helps us to facilitate a positive discussion between you and your tenants, and come up with ideas for how to end the ongoing dispute before working towards a resolution.

Simply put, our mediation service can prevent potentially costly and damaging complaints from spiralling out of control.

How we can work with you

It’s a good idea to get us involved as early as you can, that will give you the best chance of avoiding court action. The best time to work with us is before you have any escalating issues, the second best time is at the first sign of a potentially problematic situation.

If you work with us beforehand, we can help you get the right processes in place to prevent disputes escalating needlessly. Not only that, we can also get to know your housing association and train your staff ahead of time. That way should a dispute escalate, we’re in a better position to work together to get it resolved quickly and more effectively.

We can make mediation a standard part of your customer service practices to improve your communication with tenants, strengthen your relationship with them, and create an action plan for handling issues as soon as there’s a sign of a potentially larger problem.

What if things have already progressed?

Mediation can, in some cases, prevent the need for court action. Even if a case does go to court, mediation can still help to resolve the dispute, so it’s never too late to get us involved.

We will still look to resolve the complaint quickly as we can put forward both sides of the story, enable better and more constructive conversations face-to-face, and allow both parties to have their say.

When you take this approach with professional mediators involved, not only will you benefit from our skills and experience, but it will also feel more sincere for the tenant that you’re willing to listen to their point of view. It improves the image of your housing association and by extension can help limit future disputes too. A win-win for both parties.

Contact our team

It’s never too soon or too late to have a conversation. If you need our help or simply want to find out more about our tenant mediation services, contact our team today.