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Customer complaints can come in all manner of forms, some being more serious than others. It helps to have a process in place to handle all customer complaints as they materialise. Many organisations use mediation as part of their complaints handling process to minimise costs, reduce the resource needed to handle the situation, and to protect their reputation. Mediation helps by achieving a quick, fuss-free resolution in the majority of cases.

It’s easier if you already have a third-party mediation partner in place ahead of any complaints arising, as they will be there and ready to go when you need them. They will also have a thorough understanding of your organisation. You can however bring in mediators at any time, it’s just much more effective when introduced early in the process before complaints escalate and become more problematic for you to handle.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes involving an independent, impartial, third party – the mediators. It provides a safe, structured and positive environment for people in dispute to come to a mutually acceptable agreement and better understanding of each other. ADR Mediation & Training CIC offers mediation in the following areas – neighbour, community, family relationships and workplace.

Once a referral is received, we contact the parties to arrange an initial visit where we discuss the issues and how they would like to resolve the situation. If all agree, the parties will attend a joint meeting at a neutral venue to talk about what has happened, how they would like to move the situation forward and to reach an agreement. We aim to complete mediation cases within 6 weeks, however this will be discussed with you upon receipt of the referral.

Mediation is a proven method of dispute resolution which can save those involved time, money and heartache by avoiding the need for lengthy court proceedings and empowering individuals to find their own solutions. Please take some time to review our collection of case studies below for the chance to see some individual scenarios in which mediation has successfully resolved difficult issues. In all cases, mediation has significantly improved the lives of those involved.



It is an effective way of resolving disputes using a third party (the mediator(s)) to help those involved to reach an agreement


Our mediators are fully trained and experienced in resolving conflict. They attend ongoing training and development to enhance their existing skills and knowledge.


They listen to everyone involved and work with the parties to reach an agreement which is acceptable to all. They do not take sides, make judgements or decide the outcome. Their role is to help the parties to open up, improve or develop channels of communication.


Individual appointments are arranged for parties to meet the mediator(s) to discuss the issues, how they are affecting those involved, possible resolutions and the best way to reach an outcome. If all parties agree, a joint meeting will then be arranged. The mediators facilitate this meeting and ensure that all have time to speak, be heard and input into the agreement/outcome. If a joint meeting is unable to take place there are other options – these can be discussed with the mediators at the initial meeting.


It is a proven way to help resolve disputes in a quick and effective manner and allows all issues to be discussed. Parties remain in control of the outcome and influence the mutual agreement.