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Workplace mediation can help you handle any type of workplace grievance, regardless of how far an issue has progressed.

Our third-party mediators will work with every individual involved to help all parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement together.

The mediator won’t recommend specific courses of action, they will facilitate a positive discussion and guide the process. With the people involved coming to an agreement themselves the resolution becomes much more sustainable. That’s how the mediation process prevents the same issues resurfacing in the future whilst resolving the current situation.

Workplace mediation: the benefits

Workplace mediation helps you to:

  • Eliminate current personnel issues
  • Retain the best talent
  • Improve the performance of sales teams
  • Create a strong company culture and cohesive teams
  • Move at speed as one towards your business goals
  • Build trust and protect employee mental health


Workplace mediation doesn’t just resolve and prevent conflicts, it improves business performance on a broad scale. Success comes from effective communication and solid teamwork with each individual performing at their best. Implementing processes such as workplace mediation makes sure you don’t leave this to chance.

Workplace mediation: the process

Here is the process we will take you through:

1)     Contact us

Or we will make the initial contact with you if your case is a referral.

2)     Pre-planning

Together we decide if the mediation should take place in the workplace, at a neutral venue, or online. This will depend on the specific situation.

3)     Mediation day

In the morning we will talk to each individual involved on their own to get their side of the story and their desired outcome. In the afternoon we facilitate the joint discussion and lead it towards a successful outcome.

4)     Follow ups

We will follow up with you after the case to check all is still well and help you put any necessary processes in place. Typically we will follow up with you at one, three and six-month intervals.

Who can use workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation can help any business or organisation that employs people. It’s not specific to industry or company size, workplace disputes can happen in any organisation and the method of dealing with them doesn’t need to change. Workplace mediation can help employees move on from situations so that they can focus on more positive, constructive aspects of their role and improve their performance.

Contact us

Resolve any current issues fast and set your people, and therefore your business, up for success.

With a third party involved in workplace mediation there’s no hierarchy. It’s not employer vs employee. It’s everyone having a productive discussion guided by a professional mediator and agreeing an outcome. This creates sustainable resolutions in a way that trying to work things out in-house can’t often achieve.