March 2022

complaints mediation

Make Mediation Part of Your Complaints Process

Many organisations are now incorporating mediation into their complaints policies and procedures. Here we will look at the benefits this brings and why it’s now such a popular way of improving complaint handling processes amongst housing associations.

what is shuttle mediation

What is Shuttle Mediation?

During shuttle mediation the parties involved in the mediation don’t meet face to face. The mediator(s) ‘shuttles’ between them back and forth. Here we look deeper into what shuttle mediation is, why it’s used in certain scenarios, and whether it works as effectively as face-to-face mediation.

Grace Coleman

Welcome to the Team: Grace Coleman

We are delighted to welcome our newest recruit, Grace to the team at ADR Mediation. Grace joins us as mediation co-ordinator. She will be involved in mediations and help prepare cases with the team.