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ADR Mediation 1-Day & 5-Day Training Courses

At ADR Mediation & Training we have been busy over the last few months creating a range of new training courses to help you on your journey to becoming a successful, trained mediator or providing you with the knowledge you need to excel in your current role.

We have a range of 1-day courses available and a 5-day OCN-accredited course that comes complete with an accredited mediation qualification.

Here’s all the detail.

ADR Mediation 1-Day Online Courses

Conflict Coaching

Learn the skills to support individuals on a one-to-one basis so that they can learn to resolve conflicts constructively. Help them gain the confidence and competences they need to resolve conflicts be it in the community, their family or workplace.

Course Content:

  • Gain an understanding of conflict theory
  • Introduce the concept of coaching vs mediation, and its place in helping resolve conflict
  • Understand and develop the key skills needed to be a coach
  • Examine and overcome barriers to client progression
  • Understand how to support yourself whilst supporting others

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Pricing is just £130.00 + VAT per person. Click here to secure your place today.

Mental Health and Complex Conversations Course

Whether you are a coach, facilitator/mediator, HR professional or regularly have difficult conversations with people, this course offers a practical way for you to learn the skills you need to get the best from people who are dealing with mental health issues whilst providing a clear understanding of the link between complex conversations and mental health.

Course Content:

  • Conflict and its relationship with mental wellbeing
  • How to spot the symptoms and support parties through the most common mental illnesses
  • What to do in a crisis situation
  • How to evaluate a party’s capacity to mediate
  • Tips on looking after your own wellbeing
  • You will also have the opportunity to put into practice what you learn through discussion and role play

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Mental Health For Managers Course

This course is for managers looking to improve their knowledge and confidence around mental health. This course will show you how to provide positive wellbeing in the workplace. Learn more about the connection between mental health and the workplace and get a thorough understanding of how to help those in crisis, whilst protecting your own mental wellbeing.

Course Content:

  • Understand the link between the workplace and mental health
  • Learn the most common types of mental illnesses in the workplace
  • Develop the communication skills to have supportive conversations around mental health
  • Guidance on how to manage absence and return to work procedures
  • Tips on how to maximise employee engagement, productivity and wellbeing

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Opening the Door to Dialogue Course

This course will teach you how to nip issues in the bud and manage difficult conversations constructively. Build your confidence to effectively address difficult issues and maintain positive relationships. Learn new skills that will equip you to handle difficult conversations with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, or anyone else you deal with in your role.

Course Content:

  • Understand what conflict is, its causes and consequences
  • Recognise when a conflict situation turns destructive
  • Develop the skills to resolve a conflict situation
  • Appreciate how to prepare and deliver a difficult conversation
  • Skills practice in a safe, supportive environment

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ADR Mediation OCN-Accredited 5-Day Course

Interpersonal Mediation Training – Level 3

We’re accredited by OCN London to create and deliver this course and award you with certification and your OCN-accredited qualification.

When you complete this course you will become OCNLR Level 3 Certified in Mediation Theory and Practice Accredited. This qualification is regulated by Ofqual.

We are delivering this 5-day course in March 2023 through a mixture of online and in-person sessions. The venue is yet to be confirmed but it will be in Preston.

Course Content:

  • Explore the concept of conflict and contributing factors
  • Understand the role of the mediator and the mediation process
  • Develop effective skills to deliver in the mediation process
  • Understand the transformative approach to mediation

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All this for just £1,000 + VAT.

We can also offer discounts on group bookings, please contact us for details.

To book your place for March, just email or call 01772 954602.

ADR Mediation Training Course Testimonials

Feedback from previous participants.

“A great session and delivered well by the trainer, who obviously has great experience and knowledge of mental health.”


“Brilliant!! I left the session with more confidence in myself as a mediator than when I started it.”


“The examples and personal narratives gave the session a relevance and practical benefit that will translate into real mediation sessions easily. It wasn’t just a list of mental health conditions, it enabled me (us) to explore what those conditions ask of us as mediators.”

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