Workplace Mediation

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Why Your In-House Mediation Isn’t Working

We work with many organisations that have tried in-house mediation but to no avail. Typically HR staff manage this process, which is a flawed strategy from the outset. We explain why and look at alternative approaches here.

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How Workplace Mediation Can Improve Sales Performance

The job of workplace mediation isn’t just to resolve grievances and prevent conflict in the office, it’s to improve business performance. Here’s how workplace mediation can help you get the best out of each individual salesperson, build a cohesive sales team, and generate improved results.

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The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

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The benefits of workplace mediation are broad. From handling any ongoing grievances quickly to getting the foundations in place for your people to succeed, your teams to gel, and your business to grow.

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What is Workplace Mediation?

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Workplace mediation can help you handle any type of workplace grievance, regardless of how difficult a situation has become. Workplace mediation involves third party mediators working with all involved parties to reach a mutually beneficial resolution.