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The Benefits of Workplace Mediation

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benefits workplace mediation

Workplace mediation can help you handle any type of workplace grievance, regardless of how difficult a situation has become.

The process involves third party mediators working with all parties to help them reach a resolution that benefits both the employer and the employee.

The mediator won’t recommend specific courses of action, they will facilitate a positive discussion and guide the process. With the people involved coming to an agreement themselves, the mediation process prevents the same issues resurfacing in the future as well as resolving the current situation.

If you want to find out more about the workplace mediation process you can do so here: What is Workplace Mediation?

The benefits of workplace mediation

So, you now have a brief insight into what workplace mediation is and how it can help in a broad sense. Now we will look at what this means for your business and dive deeper into the tangible benefits of workplace mediation.

A)     Retain the best talent

Workplace mediation prevents you losing good people. They will feel looked after and valued. Not only will this help you retain the people pivotal to the business, it will also save you the hassle and expense that comes with recruitment, selection and training as staff turnover levels will reduce.

B)     Save time, money and stress

You can avoid disciplinaries and deal with grievances quickly when you employ third party mediators. Keep good people and prevent any claims against you should any employees leave on bad terms.

C)     Move at speed

Workplace mediation doesn’t just prevent and resolve issues, it can also help move the business forward by bringing everyone together. Successful companies are built on good communication. Workplace mediation helps people air any issues and both the employer and employee can work together to move forward positively.

When everyone is pulling together you can move quickly towards your goals.

D)    Build trust/improve culture

As a business grows it’s culture becomes even more influential to new and existing employees. As a leader it’s important to communicate what you and the company stands for, what you expect from employees, and what employees should expect from you.

Workplace mediation helps foster a positive culture whereby your team know that you’re there for them and that you’re always looking to find that win-win situation for all parties if any problems do arise.

E)     Create cohesive teams

Workplace mediation helps your teams work cohesively again after any setbacks. It’s an open, honest and fair way to help resolve any grievances, or situations that could become grievances if left unchecked.

When you use workplace mediation to resolve an unfortunate situation no negative effects will ripple through the rest of the business. Your people will know that you’ve adopted a culture that promotes harmony, not alienation.

F)     Protect mental health

Protecting and enhancing the mental health of employees is vital to both their wellbeing and their performance. Workplace mediation allows people to talk openly without fear of judgement and without hierarchy. In a mediation it’s just people working together towards a common goal, not employer vs employee.

Knowing that this support is there when it’s needed can help employees feel more content and supported at work and have a positive impact on their mental health.

G)    Improve performance

Workplace mediation can drastically improve the performance of sales teams. It can help you quickly discover the reasons behind why certain salespeople may be underperforming, whether that’s due to workplace issues or personal reasons.

Internally there may be issues with bullying in the team, poor leadership, or a lack of training. Mediation will help you uncover any such problems and can support you in rectifying them.

It’s important to understand the personalities of all the individuals within a team to get the most out of them. Whilst some team members might respond well to tough love, others will respond better to a more introspective kind of approach. Mediation can facilitate discussions to help you identify how to manage each employee to get the most out of them.

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