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Sponsoring the NWEEG Awards

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NWEEG Awards

We recently sponsored the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) Awards which proved to be a great evening with some very worthy winners.

We were proud to present the Magnetic Manager Award as sponsors.

Communication and engagement is what we do, so it’s always great to hear about leaders using these skills to enhance their team’s performance.

Thanks goes to NWEEG Chief Vision Officer and event host, Steve Smith for organising a fantastic event and thanks to all our table guests for joining us.

About NWEEG and our involvement

The NWEEG is the North West’s premier business community dedicated to its goal of making the North West the best place to work in the world by sharing experiences and learning from each other. NWEEG host a series of challenging, fun and friendly workshop conferences dedicated to helping business leaders get more from their workforce to improve productivity and profitability.

As a workplace mediation service provider NWEEG’s values align closely with our own.

Through mediation we help employers:

  • Move at speed towards goals
  • Build trust/improve culture
  • Create cohesive teams
  • Attract and retain the best talent
  • Protect mental health/support wellbeing
  • Improve performance

We hope to continue engaging with NWEEG members and look forward to helping more businesses engage with their teams effectively by improving top-down communication. This is the gateway to achieving the above results.

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business, call us on 01772 954602 or email us at

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