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Conflict Coaching Case Study

conflict coaching case study

Also known as ‘one party mediation,’ conflict coaching is a confidential service that allows you space to reflect on events and plan an improved approach to handling current and potential future conflicts.

Through one-on-one coaching, we can help people reframe their viewpoints. They can then move away from unhealthy habits and help them focus on long-term solutions rather than just a quick fix when it comes to managing conflicts.

Essentially, conflict coaching is just that – it’s to help people learn how to manage conflicts better so that when they do crop up in the future, they’re equipped with the tools to deal with conflict constructively rather than displaying adverse, impulsive reactions.

This conflict coaching case study will examine a recent case to illustrate what conflict coaching can achieve for you or your tenants.

Conflict Coaching Case Study Background

This particular individual had a complex past and wanted to handle difficult situations better in the future for the sake of her son. She told us that she tends to immediately ‘blow up’ at any sign of conflict, and it was important for her to react more positively when conflicts arise moving forward.

It was important to try to establish why she reacted in this way, then allow her to explore alternative methods before finally considering how she could implement changes.

How conflict coaching case study progressed

The individual was nervous to open up, so we started general conversations. Our mediator could properly earn her trust in a couple of sessions. This is then quite understandable when people must reflect on and open up about negative behaviours. For this reason, we’re always happy to take things a little bit at a time at the beginning.

After a few sessions, we could discuss examples, investigate these, and get to the root of her reactions and why she tended to respond to conflict in a destructive rather than constructive manner.

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What the future holds

The individual knows that she still has a long way to go. Yet, she can now handle conflict without reacting violently with words. This is a major development for her.

We will continue to work with her until she feels confident that she can discuss issues without escalating matters unnecessarily.

Her journey has not been straightforward. She has put in a lot of work. She has come a long way, and over time, her new skills in managing conflict will improve her life and that of her son. Since our most recent conflict coaching sessions, she has reported feeling less tense and less ‘wound up’ by specific interactions. She can already let go of minor disputes.  She was able not let them negatively impact her day. Progress has been consistent and noticeable, which is great to see.

Could we help you?

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