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mediation versus litigation

Mediation Versus Litigation: What is the Best Option?

Disputes of any kind can continue to escalate the longer they go on. They can become extremely distressing and draining experiences for those involved. The key things to consider when deciding between mediation and legal proceedings are, how long the dispute has been going on for, and how severe the situation has become. In this article we’re going to look at the benefits of each option, what they entail, and how you can identify which option to explore.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence In Mediation

Emotional intelligence is a key trait mediators need to develop. Mediators need to be incredibly virtuous. They need to be non-judgmental, impartial and calm. Here we explore the critical role that emotional intelligence plays in mediation and how it enhances the mediator’s ability to facilitate effective communication, build trust, and help the parties involved work towards sustainable solutions.

mediation process

A Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Mediation Process

Whether you’re dealing with a family matter, workplace conflict, or community dispute, mediation is incredibly effective when everyone wants to find a mutually beneficial solution. This step-by-step guide to mediation will highlight the mediation process and how it can quickly get you the results that you want, whether you’re looking to refer a case to a mediation provider or if you’re directly involved in the dispute.

power of mediation

The Power of Mediation: Resolving Conflicts Amicably

As people, we all see the world differently. Different perspectives, opinions, cultures, and experiences all shape our day-to-day decision making and how we assess different situations. Inevitably then, conflicts in life and at work can happen. Resolving these conflicts can be challenging depending on the circumstances. Sometimes people can resolve conflicts themselves, sometimes they escalate so far that legal proceedings are required. The key to successful conflict resolution is to find a resolution as quickly as possible. This is especially true with mediation…

mediation courses

A Deep-Dive Into Our OCN-Accredited Mediation Training Course

We’ve previously shared quite a lot of overview-style content about our OCN-accredited, Interpersonal Mediation Training – Level 3 course in the form of leaflets, social media posts and on our mediation training courses webpage. Now we’re going to look deeper at this course to show potential participants the true breadth and depth of what we cover over the 5 training days.


How to Get the Most From Mediation

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How to get the most out of mediation. Here we explore the importance of early intervention, how to effectively get parties to understand and agree to mediation, and how you can make mediation an integral part of your complaint handling processes.


Mediation: Its Power & Its Limits

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Mediation is a very powerful tool to resolve disputes and improve lives, but it cannot eradicate all of life’s problems. As mediators we go on many emotional rollercoasters as we go from case to case and we often need to think of our own training to help ourselves through challenging moments. Here we look at a range of cases to showcase the power of mediation whilst recognising that not everything can be ‘fixed.’ Sometimes though, things don’t need to be, people just need to be listened to. There’s a lot to takeaway from this one.

successful mediation

What Is A Successful Mediation?

What does a successful mediation look like? Is it both parties coming to a mutually beneficial agreement, or is it something deeper? Is there more to it? Here we will look at it from the perspective of the parties involved, the referrers and the mediators.

neighbour mediation

Neighbour Mediation: A Look at a Recent Case

Neighbour mediation cases can seem particularly challenging at the outset, but often a sustainable resolution isn’t too far away with the correct mediation processes in place. Here we look in detail at a recent case. We will show you how neighbour mediation works and how it can help you and your tenants overcome issues quickly and painlessly.

complaints mediation

Make Mediation Part of Your Complaints Process

Many organisations are now incorporating mediation into their complaints policies and procedures. Here we will look at the benefits this brings and why it’s now such a popular way of improving complaint handling processes amongst housing associations.

what is shuttle mediation

What is Shuttle Mediation?

During shuttle mediation the parties involved in the mediation don’t meet face to face. The mediator(s) ‘shuttles’ between them back and forth. Here we look deeper into what shuttle mediation is, why it’s used in certain scenarios, and whether it works as effectively as face-to-face mediation.

NWEEG Awards

Sponsoring the NWEEG Awards

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We recently sponsored the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) Awards which proved to be a great evening with some very worthy winners. We were proud to present the Magnetic Manager Award as sponsors. Find out more about the evening, NWEEG and our involvement here.

repairing relationships

Repairing Rocky Relationships

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When neighbours who were also good friends fall out it can be particularly hard. Recently we’ve helped a lot of tenants in this position through mediation. It requires a slightly different approach to handling a normal neighbourly dispute so here we document a particular case and how we were able to help two friends reunite and find happiness again.

benefits of mediation

6 Powerful Benefits of Mediation

The key benefits of mediation. Learn how to use mediation to tackle a wide range of issues from tenant disputes to handling grievances in the workplace.

help employees back to office

How to Help Employees Feel Comfortable Going Back to the Office

How you can help employees feel comfortable going back to the office again. Here’s the individual scenarios you may come across and how you can handle them to help each individual employee and the business move forward. We also look at how workplace mediation can help in any situation, wherever you’re up to with asking employees to return to the office.

vulnerable tenants

Additional Support for Vulnerable Tenants from ADR

Vulnerable tenants haven’t had access to the support they needed during the pandemic. Here we look at the extra support we’ve provided to help fill the gaps and how we’ve changed our service delivery over the last 18 months.

Mediation and housing possessions

Mediation and Housing Possessions

Mediation and housing possessions is a prominent topic at the moment with mediation now getting the recognition it deserves for its ability resolve cases efficiently and effectively. Avoid court! Save yourself and your tenants a lot of time, money and stress.

mediation & ASB

Managing ASB Through Mediation

In this article we look deeper into why mediation is now so important, the impact the pandemic has had on how to tackle ASB cases, and how a recent government whitepaper about social housing and its recent introduction of the Housing Possession Mediation Service will affect the future relationship between mediation and ASB.